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About Gosherd Valley Cottage

Remodeling and Home Design
  • At Gosherd Valley Cottage, we raise your goose on natural pastures, local fruits and grains.  
  • Guardian dogs watch over and protect them from gosling to maturity.  They are cared for by one person and raised in small manageable flocks.  
  • This type of intensive care produces plump & healthy birds of amazing quality for your holiday table. 
  • Our system is so transparent that we invite you to book a stay in the farm's recently restored cottage and see for yourself. 
  • While here, explore the foods, festivals, wine and heritage of the region.
  • Our USDA-certified geese are available via pick-up here or delivered to your door via UPS
  • Remember!  You can always call on our home phone (really!) 888.233.4164
  • We are an Animal Welfare Approved farm, your assurance that the birds you buy from us have been humanely cared for, from start to finish