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American Sturgeon Caviar - 4.0 oz glass jar

$ 80.00
Our locally wild-caught caviars are a holiday favorite of our customers. Local fishermen and the producer work together to sustainably fish our Mississippi river of these massive and important fish. 
The Hackleback Sturgeon caviar is dark, slightly smaller in size and has a sweet, "fresh" nut-like flavor.  Described as a cleaner flavor. Not as deep a flavor as paddefish. 
The roe is a range of black to charcoal-grey in color.
This caviar goes a long way in flavor. 

       Serving sizes per person are:
  •  8 to 10 (1/2 tsp) servings per ounce of caviar.
  • 18 to 20 (1/4 tsp) servings per ounce of caviar.
  •  When used as a garnish, use 1/4 teaspoon or less. 
  •  When used alone as an apetizer, a 2-ounce jar serves approximately 4 people

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