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Wine And Honey Basted Roast Goose

  1. Thaw the goose . Simply remove the insulation foil, leaving the plastic wrap on, set it on a cookie sheet to catch any juices In your refrigerator for 2-3 days.  I let mine thaw for 3 days.
  2. Remove all interior packaged organs and neck. Use the livers/heart in gravy.
  3. Score the front breast skin as you would a ham with a very sharp knife, in crisscross pattern. Make sure you do not cut into meat- the skin only (the Gordon Ramsey YouTube video is an excellent example of how to do this)
  4. Slice through the skin and meat where the leg meets the body. Allowing the legs to flop open will allow even cooking of breast and thigh meats (Versus tying them together as you would with a turkey or chicken)
  5. Mix together allspice, poultry seasoning, ginger, cinnamon and rub into the scored skin (lots of it! I use about 1/3 cup and rub it all over and into those scores) salt and pepper & citrus zests.
  6. Fill cavity with citrus: quartered oranges/tangerines/lemons (whatever you have around)
  7. Place goose on a wire rack in a roaster, chest up, cover wings and lower legs in foil so they don’t over bake. The rack will allow you to siphon out the fat in the pan as it cooks. Save this fat!
  8. ½ way through the roasting,start to baste with a mixture of I part honey and 2 parts red wine or port until the goose is roasted thoroughly and the skin is a beautiful walnut brown and crispy. Or use fruit preserves of any type; cherry peach, plum mixed with wine to baste it. Baste several times.
  9. Roast til done. DO NOT OVERCOOK!!!  Goose is a little trickier than turkey or chicken.  I take temps on the breast and thighs.   I always go a bit under temp to make sure it is not overcooked and let it sit for 20-30 min on the counter under a loose foil tent.  

8-12 lb bird = 2.5-3 hours at 350 degrees  165 degrees at thickest point of meat (Id remove at 161 degrees)

  1. Let your roast goose rest for 20 minutes before carving.  This Gordon Ramsey video has a lot of helpful tips in carving & plating a goose) Unlike a turkey that is carved at the table, Id suggest plating the meat while you are in the kitchen. It’s easier.
  2. Deglaze the roasting pan with red wine or broth, stir in a little corn starch to some cold water and mix with the deglazed pan drippings for gravy to thicken.
  3. Side dishes are up to you! We make sweet potato casserole, green beans and wild rice with mushrooms.  Sides also include pickled beets, red cabbage, mashed potatoes or dumplings.