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We do allow dogs because we hate boarding our own while  on vacation.   Since they are like family to so many people,  we don't ever want guests forced into leaving them behind.

But, because this is a working farm populated with birds, cats and guardian dogs, we do have rules that must be followed so that all animals are safe. 

You must let us know what type and how many dogs you are planning to bring with you prior to your arrival. 

You will also be asked to sign an agreement upon arrival.  The agreement is as follows: 

1) Dogs must be leashed at all times when outdoors.  Even for fast potty breaks.  There are absolutely no exceptions.

A. Dogs may be off leash on the deck area only while safety gates are in place and supervised by owners.  Dogs may not be left on the deck area without the  owner being present as well.
B. Dogs may be off leash in specified pastures, if available.  When you arrive, I can escort you to the pastures that are open for your dogs to run in (if there are any available).  We rotate the pastures so, depending upon the bird population, there may not be any open. Be aware that our pastures have electric fencing and that there are gaps under the fencing that could allow smaller dogs to go under them and escape.  So having a good recall is important.

2) Dogs must be crated whenever you are away from the house.  Please bring your own dog crates. 

3) No dogs or guests are to ever approach the Guardian Dogs in our fields.  Do not allow nose to nose contact thru the fencing.  Do not ever attempt to pet these dogs or feed them.  Do not upset them or excite them by engaging with them.  Their first priority is to protect the flocks and their territory. 

4) Please bring your own dog food and water dishes.  Only feed your dogs indoors as food left outdoors attracts other animals.

5) Your dogs must be UTD on vaccinations and also on monthly preventatives for fleas and ticks.  

6) You will be billed for any and all damages of the cottage's interior and furnishings by your dog(s) in the amount of the replacement cost and any professional cleaning that has to be done.

7) We are not responsible for injuries to visitor's dogs under any circumstance.

8) You acknowledge that there are potentially dangerous wild animals on farms:  poisonous snakes, snapping turtles, stinging insects, birds of prey, etc... and take full responsibility for your dogs while on our property.


  For reservations 1.888.233.4164