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Map and Directions

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Finding the Cottage for the first time can be a little challenging.  Especially because it just doesn't show up on GPS systems.  So, don't rely on that.  (really)  (no, really!) 

We are going to have to do it the old-fashioned way with written directions.  If, by any chance you get lost, just go into Morrison to the service station.  Sam will know how to get here.  Just ask where the goose farm is.  Or call me at 888.233.4164 / 579.818.5841


From Hermann, MO or Hwy 70

1) Hwy 19 south to Hwy 100 (just past the Hardees, make a right over Frene Creek Bridge) and you are on your way.

2) Hwy 100 about 12 miles to where it T-bones into the junction of Hwy N and Hwy 100. 

3) Left on Hwy N about 2.5 miles

4) Left at Slack Road.  There is an old bungalow next to what used to be a service station (this is the only tricky part because you aren't going to want to turn there, but turn anyway).  It looks like you are turning into someone's driveway and back yard.  But, Slack is a gravel road with several farms off of it.  So, trust me, just turn there.  Follow the signs. 

5) Take Slack to the first driveway on your left, with a concrete apron.  The gate will be left open. 

6) Drive down into the valley all the way to the green cottage with a red door.  It will be open.  Make yourself at home!


* If I am here I will come over to greet you and show you around.  If not,  I will be back home soon and find you.  

* If you have a pup who needs to be walked,  please walk it in the front  or side yard (on leash) and stay out of sight of the fields where the guardian dogs are for now please.